Groupage shipping

Combined cargo delivery is the transportation of small consignments of goods consolidated with the cargo of other suppliers in one container or one transport (air, road, rail, sea). This allows you to minimize the cost of transportation. Transportation of assembled cargos from Europe in terms of savings is much more profitable than other delivery methods.

Our advantages:

  • Cargoes of any size and characteristics are accepted for delivery in combined containers: dangerous and fragile goods, objects with temperature regimes.
  • Orders of individuals and legal entities are fulfilled.
  • Consolidated cargo is beneficial for small and medium business owners who buy small quantities of goods abroad.
  • Minimize shipping costs by optimizing space inside a container or vehicle.
  • Consolidated transportation is carried out by all modes of transport: sea , air, railway, auto (including cars and refrigerated containers).
  • ACE Company has its own consolidation warehouses in Europe.
  • Certification of cargoes of all types (permits, certificates, expert opinions, technical descriptions of goods).
  • Customs clearance of combined cargoes, declaration of customs value.

We remind you that the decision to send the goods as part of a combined container or truck will significantly reduce the cost of customs clearance.

Consolidation warehouses ACE Company

Consolidation warehouses for a combined cargo are located in key locations: Czech Republic (Prague), Italy (Milan), Latvia (Riga).

Each warehouse has modern loading and unloading equipment and a warehouse logistics system.

International delivery of combined cargoes includes:

  • Achieving and formalizing an agreement with the cargo supplier.
  • Delivery of consolidated cargo from the place of production or purchase to one of the consolidation warehouses of ACE Company.
  • Audit of the delivered cargo: checking the integrity, weighing, sorting, repacking, etc.
  • Formation of prefabricated trucks or containers.
  • Verification of supporting documentation.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Customs clearance of consolidated cargo on the territory of the Russian Federation (when working with a Russian counterpart): preparation of documents for the subsequent sale of consignments of goods.
  • Delivery of a combined cargo to the consignee's warehouse.