Cargo certification

Certification of commercial cargo - confirmation of the conformity of the quality of goods with the requirements established in the country of importation.

For our clients in Russia, the following certificates are required for customs clearance of certain types of cargo:

  • GOST conformity certificate.
  • Certificate of conformity with the requirements of national technical regulations.
  • Certificate of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.
  • Fire safety certificate and others.

In the ACE Company work specialized certificated specialists who will competently carry out all work to confirm the quality of products imported by the company's customers to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Certification services include:

  • Carrying out tests and inspections designed to confirm the quality of products.
  • Receiving the necessary certificates for products.
  • Registration of certificates.
  • Consultations on all issues of international certification of products.

For the qualitative performance of these tasks, ACE Company specialists work with leading international testing laboratories and certification bodies for products and quality systems.

When customs declaring products in the Russian Federation, it is required to obtain certificates. Our experts offer certification of the following categories of cargo:

  • Machinery and production equipment, spare parts for them.
  • Industrial machinery which is on gaseous mixtures.
  • All types of fuel.
  • Oil and fat products.
  • All types of wheeled vehicles (cars, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.).
  • Equipment for garages and garage complexes.
  • Furniture and other timber products.
  • Toys, food, hygiene products intended for babies and children.
  • Household items (including dishes).
  • Products of the clothing industry.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Electronics.
  • Products of the chemical industry: all types of polymers, fertilizers, etc.
  • Varnishes and paints.
  • Photos, videos and other magnetic materials.
  • Household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Food.
  • Products for cultural and educational purposes.

A specialized certificate of technical conformity has been drawn up for each type of product. Some products require multiple certifications.

Our team is always there to help in solving all the problems facing customers in the certification of their products.