Sea freight is a global mode of transportation over long distances. It is available for any type of cargo.

Types of cargo for sea freight

ACE Company offers two types of sea transportation of cargoes: LCL (group-age cargo - lots of products of different customers in one container) and FCL (fully loaded container). Cargoes with different characteristics and dimensions are allowed for delivery.

  • Bulk and liquid cargoes (transportation in tankers of different capacity).
  • Oversized and bulky cargo.
  • Dangerous products.

Sea transportation of most cargoes is carried out in special containers. Standard international tank sizes are 20' and 40'. Before shipment, the container will be sealed in the presence of the customer.

Container shipping is considered the safest type of cargo delivery today. Their cost depends on the dimensions and characteristics of the cargo.

We work with leading operators and offer reliable service and competitive freight rates from the world's major ports.


  • Favorable rates

One of the most important advantages of sea transportation of goods is the low cost of delivery. When it comes to transporting bulk cargo over long distances, this is a much cheaper way compared to air transport. When you need to deliver goods from the USA, China and other geographically remote states, shipping by sea is the most cost-effective option.

  • No weight restrictions

Sea vessels have a high carrying capacity, so they can carry not only small goods, but also large-sized equipment, as well as other heavy structures.


The total price of sea freight depends on the weight and volume of the cargo, the type of ship, the length of the route. Additional surcharges are charged when it comes to the transport of dangerous goods. Seasonality also affects the cost: in winter, there are special surcharges for freight.

Our company organizes international container shipping from China and Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore), Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Portugal), as well as North and South America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil).

It provides a full range of services for the carriage of goods by sea, including storage and warehousing of goods in the countries of departure, transshipment and arrival, consolidation, insurance, intra-port forwarding, customs clearance and other additional services. We will take care of the organization of transportation and perform all work on the delivery of products to the customer.