When choosing the delivery of cargo by air, the customer receives many advantages:

The most important of these is efficiency. ACE Company is ready to organize air cargo transportation to and from Prague to various cities in Europe, Asia, America or Russia. As well as sending various consignments of the client's cargo from any airports in the world to their destination.
Cargo air transportation is the optimal solution for the transit of valuable and dangerous goods. Modern aircraft have a large carrying capacity, which makes it possible to transport large-sized products and large batches of groupage cargo.

ACE Company offers comprehensive air transportation services. We cooperate with leading airlines around the world, which allows us to provide high quality service and monitor the safety of your cargo.

The choice of the type of cargo delivery is determined by four factors: delivery time, cargo characteristics, route features and transportation budget. The choice is made by logistics experts based on technical and financial calculations.

The final cost of international air cargo transportation is primarily affected by the weight and size parameters of the cargo and the mileage. The hazard class, the purpose of the product are also taken into account. The price of logistics services increases when it comes to dangerous goods and goods with special temperature conditions. When calculating the amount, the method of transportation is also taken into account (as part of a combined shipment, express delivery by charter flight).

 The range of services of our company includes air freight, registration of all necessary documentation, delivery of cargo to the airport of departure, export from the airport of arrival, loading and unloading, customs clearance, cargo insurance, etc.

We organize air transportation with full documentary support and customs clearance. Our specialists in logistics and customs clearance calculate the cost of air transportation of goods individually for each client.

Air transportation is the fastest way of transportation, but at the same time the most expensive, so it is usually used when urgent transportation is required.

In what cases are international air cargo transportations used:

If the cargo belongs to the following types of goods: valuable art objects, currency, perishable goods, animals;
When urgent delivery is required. When transporting spare parts and equipment for production, medical equipment, timing is of paramount importance;
When transporting small, light cargo, as the cost of delivery in this case will not be large.

Our company provides a cargo packing service, which is necessary if the packaging of the goods from the manufacturer does not comply with the regulations for the transportation of this type of goods and cannot ensure its safety.


After the conclusion of an agreement with the client, by ACE Company or the Client, the cargo from the foreign supplier is picked up and delivered to the consolidation warehouse (groupage cargo) or immediately to the airport;
Preparing cargo for shipment. Groupage cargo is formed at the consolidation warehouse and delivered to the airport, general cargo immediately arrives at the airport and is loaded on board;
Departure of the aircraft to the airport of destination;
Arrival of the aircraft at the airport of destination.
Unloading work.
Customs clearance of cargo.
The cargo is picked up from the airport and delivered to the client's warehouse or to another address specified in the contract.
Efficiency. The aircraft moves along the shortest route, developing high speed, which is why air transportation is in demand for the delivery of medicines, valuables, perishable goods, donor organs.
Security. The aircraft transports cargo for several hours, during which unauthorized access to the goods is impossible, which cannot be said about trucking and delivery by rail. In addition, senders and recipients can monitor the condition of the goods during transportation thanks to modern monitoring systems.
Lack of dependence on road infrastructure. The speed of an aircraft is not determined by the terrain and traffic congestion, as, for example, is the case with a car. Air transport carries out takeoff and landing on specially equipped sites.
Ease of customs clearance. The cargo is checked when sending and receiving, that is, there is no intermediate control, even if it is supposed to cross the borders of several states.
Minimum restrictions. Air transport is capable of transporting goods with different characteristics: oversized, non-standard, large lots.