Road transport

International road transport of products is the easiest and most convenient way to transport goods, which is highly mobile and affordable.

Land transport is characterized by high speed of movement and is less dependent on weather conditions compared to sea and aviation.

Transportation by road is suitable for the delivery of various kinds of products.

Such transportation of products implies the transportation of products using road transport in accordance with international agreements.

There is a classification of international transportation by type of cargo: refrigerated, oversized, special. Our company is ready to organize the shipment of your delivery from anywhere in Europe and provide the necessary transport according to the type of cargo: awnings, trucks, container platforms, refrigerators, road trains. They are suitable for the transport of packaged products, products without packaging, dangerous products.

Trucking is the main part of multimodal schemes. This method of transit allows you to quickly and on the shortest route to transport products "from door to door".

The speed of delivery of products from the EU countries to the Russian Federation is on average 4-9 days. Delivery time for our partner is a priority for our team. Thanks to well-established work in Europe, we pay maximum attention to all details during the transportation process. In our field of vision is always the preservation of the integrity of the packaging and the safety of your cargo.

The cost of international transportation of products is determined by the characteristics of the cargo, the length of the route and the transport chosen for delivery.

ACE Company provides fast delivery of international road cargo to any city in the EU or Russia and is responsible to the client for the smooth passage of customs control.